The beau and the twins

One stallion plus two mares equaled endless fun

The twin sisters, Arrietty and Gayet, acquainted Jason in the club of the naturist village. They got along pretty well and became good friends, dancing sultry Latin dance together.

Jason had so much fun dancing with the twins naked, feeling carefree and energetic.

The three of them danced excitedly and were drenched in sweat. After the club, Arrietty suggested that they take a shower. They then took Jason to their hotel.

Once in the bathroom, Arrietty stood in front of Jason and rubbed her plump breasts against his chest in a sultry dance move. Gayet, standing behind Jason, pressed her breasts against his back and started dancing. Jason had his front and back massaged by the sisters’ gorgeous breasts. Laughing at his good luck, he was immediately excited and aroused.

Arrietty turned on the water to shower them. Jason raised his hands up high to let the sisters’ breasts caress him. Overjoyed, he felt like he was in a dream.

The sisters’ tits rubbed up and down over his body. Slowly, Arrietty came down to his cock and clamped it with her two perky breasts. She started stroking it, making Jason go wild. The sisters kept teasing and massaging him with their gorgeous bodies until he grabbed them and held them in his arms, kissing them copiously.

The three of them were kissing and caressing one another under the shower, creating a sultry, lascivious scene.

Jason’s penis was erect like a majestic eagle, very mesmerizing. Horny for it, Arrietty put it in her mouth and started sucking it voraciously.

Jason felt so good and yelled, “Oh yeah! It’s awesome! Wonderful!”

Arrietty stood up, wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, then slid his penis inside her vagina.

Having his penis clenched tightly inside her hot and wet vagina, Jason was so carried away that he gave Arrietty a passionate kiss.

With his penis in her vagina, Arrietty moved her hips and did a Latin dance. Jason held her hips and danced with her, and the two performed a hot and sultry sex dance.

Gayet pushed the duo out of the bathroom while they were still dancing and fucking. Jason put Arrietty on the desk, parting her legs wide, and continued fucking her. With her dance training, she easily could part her legs wide to welcome his big cock.

Gayet watched them in excitement, kneading Arrietty’s breasts while pleasuring her own pussy, her hips sticking out as if begging to be fucked, her pussy dripping with love juice.

Jason held out a hand to rub Gayet’s pussy, reminding himself that he wouldn’t come with Arrietty and wanted to save it for Gayet. He looked out the window and thought about something mundane to distract him from the excitement, thinking to himself, “One bottle of white wine is 16 euros, one bottle of red wine is 15 euros….”

Arrietty was so excited that she screamed nonstop. Jason intensified the speed while spanking Gayet’s butt, yelling “Slut! Bitch! Fuck your brains out!”

Gayet liked to be spanked. She was so aroused that her love juice was dripping down profusely.

Arrietty wrapped her legs around Jason’s shoulders and screamed, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” With a convulsion, she reached climax.

Jason didn’t come. With a triumphant look on his face, he was proud that he conquered Arrietty. He held his penis and aimed at Gayet’s sexy hips, then with a big thrust, he penetrated her.

Gayet moaned in pleasure and screamed uncontrollably, “It’s wonderful! Oh, fuck me! Yes!”

Jason grabbed her tits from behind and fucked her rhythmically. He paced himself so that Gayet could feel the utmost pleasure.

He changed from doggy style to the face-to-face standing position, grabbing Gayet’s leg and putting it on his shoulder, stretching her almost 180 degrees. She was also flexible from the dance training, so it wasn’t a difficult position for her. With one foot on the floor and the other on Jason’s shoulder, she let Jason pound her pussy intensely.

Jason fucked her so good that she moaned and groaned in ecstasy. Very soon, she shook her head crazily and screamed, “I’m coming! I’m coming!” (To be continued)

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